Friday, 29 June 2012

Yummy Honey

Lasr week we had a fantastic feast in Year 1.  First we found out all about the honey bee and why it is so important that we look after them.  Mrs Longhawn had bought a jar of honey with a real honeycomb in it and we got to try the honey when we made honey sandwiches.  Some children in our class hadn't tried honey before but everyone was very brave at trying it and some children even found out that honey is very yummy.  After the honey sandwiches we had a chance to try some of our potatoes that we had grown ourselves.  We tried some in just butter and some that had been made into potato mayonaise.  It was a real treat to have our pudding frst and then our main course!!!

Buttering the bread

The honey comb

Can you remember what shape the honeycomb weas made from?

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