Friday, 29 June 2012

Vegetable Art

Can you guess what season this man represents?

I was inspired by our growing vegetables to look at the work of an artist called Guiseppe Archimboldo.  He painted pictures of people representing seasons using vegetables and fruits.  Using lots of different fruits and vegetables we had a go at making our own pictures in the style of Archimboldo. Take a look at the results I think they're fab.

Loving the beard.

What a cutey!

Look at this lovely lady with her lipstick on!
 Great work Year 1  I think Archimboldo would be proud of you !!


  1. Hi Year 1 what super art work, who would of thought fruit and vegetables could look so interesting, well done.

  2. This is why Emily wanted to raid the fruit and vegetables......great art work guys.