Monday, 18 June 2012

More veg news

Whilst we were in the garden today we took the opportunity to see how our veg patch was growing and label the vegetables.  We made our labels in ICT lessons and now it was time to put them in next to the vegtables so that we know what we're growing.  This rain might have been miserable for us but it has been perfect growing weather for our veg which is coming on a treat!


  1. Wow those vegetables look lovely and green. I bet they will taste scrummy when they are harvested. What a green fingered little bunch. Well done!

  2. Lovely crop of vegetables I wonder if they taste as good as they look. You should be really proud of yourselves, you've all got green fingers, well done!

  3. Thank you for your comments. We have tasted the potatoes and they were delicious and scrummy. love from year 1

  4. Hi year 1!

    Which vegetable has grown the biggest and the healthiest?

    What do you think would have happened if we hadn't had all this rain?

    I can't wait to hear all about your growing in transition week!!

    Miss Morris x