Sunday, 2 June 2013

Quadblogging excitement

I have got exciting news year 1 have been partnered with three different schools to share our news and learning.  Each week we will look at the blog from a different school, find out all about their exciting learning and share our feedback with them. 

I've already had a sneaky peak and I found it fascinating.  You will find the links for each of the schools on the right hand side of this page. 

A big welcome to all our new learning buddies we can't wait to share our learning with you all.


  1. Thanks so much for your welcome Mrs Longhawn's class. We love looking at your blog, it is great. The Gecko's were very interested to see you have a uniform as they don't have one. Your beans look so healthy and Mason in our class loves to eat them. We can't wait to keep checking your blog. From Gecko room in New Zealand.

  2. HI there Gecko's. Thank you for looking at our blog. The beans have really grown as we have finally had some warm weather. It is our summer here but it's been very cold until last week. We have just changed our uniform from blue to purple last year and we think all the children look very smart although some of year 1 would like to not have a uniform like you do. Year 1 have been very interested in your class name and we are going to have to find a picture of a gecko to have a look at. Are all your classes named after animals?