Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Archimboldo Art

Last week we looked at the work of Guiseppe Archimboldo.    He came from Italy and was creating  art over 400 years ago.  He used fruit, vegetables and parts of plants to create imaginative pictures.  The ones below represent each of the seasons.  Can you guess which season each painting represents?


In year 1 we had used a selection of fruit and vegetables to see if we could depict a face.  Have a look at our art and let us know which is your favourite.


  1. Year 1 your pictures look beautiful. What exciting ways to use fruit and veges for art. We might have a go too! From Gecko Room.

    1. Thank you Gecko room we're glad you liked them. We were very excited doing them. There is a special picture that Archimboldo did that has a surprise. I couldn't put it on the blog but I will see if I can send it to Mrs Cooper as an email for you to look at.