Saturday, 4 February 2012

Solving a maths problem

Last week in our maths we were looking at the question "Are the oldest people the tallest?"  This promoted some great discussion, here are some of the responses
"yes because every year you have a birthday and you get bigger"
"yes because my daddy's older than my mummy and he's tallest"
"no because grannies are little and bended over"
"no because my mummy wears high heels and then she's tallest"

We then got to work measuring ourselves to see if we could find evidence to agree or disagree with the question asked.

  Showing how to measure using the metre ruler.
 The girls measure independently.
Discussing the results, what do they tell us?

At the end of the week and after measuring and comparing the "young" Mrs Harman and the "old" Mrs Longhawn we concluded that we couldn't agree that the oldest person is always the tallest.

Great problem solving Year 1.

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