Thursday, 23 February 2012

Scientific baking!

We have been investigating what happens to chocolate if it is heated up and then cooled.  Our recipe was for Crunchy Chocolate Truffles.  After reading the recipe we broke up the chocolate.  All the children described the chocolate as hard and we learnt a new word, "solid", that described the chocolate.  We then heated the chocolate in the microwave and observed that the chocolate was runny and "looked like yoghurt".  By the time we had mixed the melted chocolate with the syrup and biscuits the chocolate had cooled and was becoming a solid again.

 Great investigation, I hope you enjoyed eating the end result.   Use the poll button on the left to let me know what you though of the truffle.


  1. mmmmm that looks like fun yr 1

  2. I wish science had been that much fun when I was at school. Emily had a fab time with this and told me all about it when she got home.