Sunday, 25 September 2011

Our Topic Theme this term is "Wash your hands" and we are learning about ourselves

This week we talked about the importance of washing our hands so that we can keep away germs.

Germs are just everywhere!

We used glitter to show... easily germs can spread

 Look at them all over our hands

Even after washing a little they were still there.  So we had to use some soap too! 

Scrub scrub scrub!  Two hands in this tub

I played with my friend and caught some of those germs

Look at those nasties! 

 Scrub scrub
 and scrub!

   We played together to see what would happened

 Ring a ring o' roses a pocket full of posies

Atishoo atishoo and the germs began to spread! 

 Our friends came to play.  It was even more fun!  Look at their clean hands.

Ring a ring o' roses a pocket full of posies

 Atishoo atishoo!

 And the germs began to spread!

And spread!  Oops

And then more people joined the game!

Atishoo, atishoo and the germs began to spread!

They almost won the battle


Scrub a dub dub, we put our hands in the sink tub
and with a good wash and a scrub
 Our hands became clean! clean! clean!

No have some fun with these games and songs!!

This is so much fun. Play me!


  1. It looks like you had lots of fun finding out about those nasty germs.

  2. durty durty germs. katie y3