Sunday, 25 September 2011

Big Talk - Big Write

This week we talked about the Creepy Chameleon

 We watch some Wildlife finder clips and watch the Chameleon change colours.  We found out that Chameleons Camouflage themselves when they are frightened this means they can blend into their surroundings and it makes it hard to see them.
 We talked about what we found out

 We talked about the sentences we could write about the Chamelon to describe it

We had to look closely at how it looked.
and what it was doing.

We thought of these sentences together.

The creepy chameleon climbed up the branch.

The lizards claws looked scaley.

The chameleons has scaley skin and it can change colour.

This weeks word was Camouflage

Camouflage is when some living creatures blend into their surroundings so they cannot be seen or it makes it very hard to see them.

Here are some living things that can change their skin to camouflage themselves.

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