Sunday, 25 September 2011


Who has been in the Gold Book?

Sometimes in Year 1 we are secret agents, especially when we are going on a learning mission.  Entering Gold Book is quite a mission is Miss Caddle's class, here are some of our agents that have completed the mission already.

We are proud to be in the Gold Book

Secret Agent D has settled really well in year one.  He has worked hard to show golden behaviours all the time.  He sits quietly on the carpet and always tries to listen.  Well done Agent D, keep bringing your smile every day.

Secret Agent T has had an excellent start to the school year.  Agent T has been an always child right at the beginning of the year.  She is helpful, kind and really listens well in class.  Well done Tia.

Secret Agent M has been brilliant from the start of the term. She always tries to do the right thing. Sometimes she is shy but then out comes her confidence as she tries a little harder and shows great results.

I have been really pleased with Agent J he always tries his best and is working really well in year 1. A great start to the new term Agent J, keep it up.

Do you think you can complete the mission?

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