Thursday, 2 May 2013

Skelton wood trip

This week we visited Skelton woods as part of our geography work.  Each group made a journey stick during their walk through the woods.

When Australian Aboriginals went on long journeys they tied objects to a stick. They
would start at one end of the stick and work along it as they travelled. The objects would help them to remember events and experiences on their journey and to tell others of their

By making our own journey sticks we were able to map what we could find in our local environment.  Each group carried a leaf bag as well into which they put lots of different leaves that they found.  The journey sticks and leaf bags are now on our challenge table so that they can be investigated using our non fiction books.

Can you find out what tree the leaves came from????

Skelton Wood Trip on PhotoPeach

Can you remember what tree a conker comes from?????

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