Sunday, 20 January 2013

Following instructions

In literacy this week we have been following instructions to make Jam sandwiches.  Two of the groups were also able to write their own instructions that documented how to prepare to make the sandwiches and included the all important instruction to wash your hands.

Jam sandwiches on PhotoPeach

We also wrote our own instructions on How to make a pizza.  Next week we will be following our own instructions to make the pizza.  Lets hope they are as tasty as the sandwiches.


  1. I hope they are yummy! from sade cook year four.

  2. What are we doing with the bulb and when does he have to bring it back?

    1. The bulb is in return for your 50p for dress down Friday as it was a fund raiser for Marie Curie. It is a daffodil bulb which is the emblem of Marie Curie. You wet the disc of compost and it will expand to allow you to plant the bulb. I have said to the children if they wna to bring ina picture of their bulb when it grows or bring it in to compare with others then they can. Have fun growing.