Saturday, 29 September 2012

Creating music

Year 1 have been learning a new song "we all go travelling by" which is about school children going to school on their school bus and the vehicles they see along the way.  Once we had learnt
the song with actions we chose musical instruments that would represent each vehicle.  So for
the horn on the bus the children chose cymbals and for the bicycles bell we used a chime bar.
We then performed the whole song.  The tricky part was only playing when you sung about your vehicle.

Can you see the vehicles on the board that the children saw on the way to school?

We used our voices for the aeroplane with some people doing the action we had learnt.

Waiting for their vehicle and listening to another group. 
Well done for not banging those drums I know it was very tempting!

The horn on the yellow school bus group.
 Well done year one I was so proud of your lovely singing and control of the musical instruments.

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