Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Learnng all about a Vicar's job

As part of our RE topic, learning about Christian leaders in our community we invited Reverend Heather into our class to interview her about her job as a vicar. The children thought of some really interesting questions like "do you live in the church?" and "do you know God better than anyone else?" As well as answering our questions Reverend Heather also brought some of the special clothes that she wears when she is in church.
Reverernd Heather shows us the cross that she wears.

The white piece of clothing is a cassock and the red scarf is a stole.  Can you remember why a red stole is used?
Thank you so much for coming Reverend Heather, we learnt a lot.

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  1. Emily loves it when Reverend Heather comes to school. She told me all about the different things that she does. She especially loved the part where she christans babies.