Monday, 2 January 2012

Who else was in gold book towards the end of 2011?

The Last Gold Book entries of 2011

Oooops Agents were busy around Christmas time and missed their crowning, but here is what we had to say about them.

 Agent L shares his construction work with us!!

Agent L - The cheeky smiler.  Agent L is one of the enthusiastic learners in year one, when he is good, he is really really good...  He can be kind and helpful to others and always goes out of his way to help his teacher.  It’s the smile!

Agent D - A little treasure with a great attitude to learning.  Agendt D has especially thought about others this week and tried to help them out.  This was a pleasure to see.  Well done.

Agent F and Agent E

Agent F Agent F is trying hard and has settled into year 1 very well. He always has good manners and is willing to share with everyone. These are the star qualities of a golden child, well done.

Agent E  Wow!  Agent E is working so well and doing the right thing all the time.  She helps to teach the class our story with all the actions.  She helps others when she has finished tidying.  She displays all the golden behaviours, like sharing and using polite manners.  Briliant!  

Look at Agent E getting busy

 Agent N and Agent T  

And again another entry for Agent T and Agent TB
We are so proud of you.

Agent J and Agent G second timers in the good book they are busy agents....

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  1. welldone everyone you should be proud of yourselfs and I like them little crowns. from Abbie y4