Friday, 4 March 2011

Room on the broom party

We had so much fun!!!!!

Have a look at our exciting photographs.

Here the children are putting the pictures from the story in order and matching some sentences

The children are writing book reviews. All the books are written by our favourite author, Julia Donaldson.

Matching up the rhyming words from the story

Happy witches!


Dancing to the music

A truly magnificent broom!

The cauldron game, find the ingredients from the list

Musical broomsticks/chairs

What a fantastic party everyone, thank you for coming!!!!


  1. Wow, your party looks like so much fun! Your costumes are great. Don't you have a fabulous teacher? She did a fab job of thinking of all those fun things to do. I am a year one teacher and I'm going to pinch some of your teacher's ideas, ha ha ha ha (cackles like a witch!).

  2. What an amazing way to make a fab, fun book even more fun. You all looked great in your costumes. I can't wait to try it with my own children!